You can expect to find me freshly showered and fully pampered when I open the door. I like to dress up and always look my best. Of course I do expect you to arrive freshly showered as well. I certainly understand that sometimes life can get a bit crazy and maybe you are coming to see me after a long day of work or a workout at the gym. Simply ask for a shower or any other toiletries you may need. I want our time together to be as comfortable as possible.

Business should always be handled at the beginning of the appointment. Its simply hard for me to be relaxed and focused on you if that is still on my mind. And you deserve my undivided attention….

Please let me know beforehand if there is possibly something I can do to tailor the appointment for you specifically.

Punctuality is important for both of us. It’s simply a matter of respect for the other person’s time.

Tipping will always be greatly appreciated, but is not necessary. Although I do find that tips and/or gifts are a great way to set yourself apart. If you would like to make our time extra special and get me a small gift, check out my "Favorite Things"....